My Polish and non-Polish ancestors

My ancestors were engineers, teachers, farmers (peasants and nobles), civil servants, lawyers and entrepreneurs – almost the whole spectrum of Polish society.

My Polish ancestors

This is not a surprise, the biggest number of my ancestors are from Poland, especially Mazowsze, Suwalszczyzna and Małopolska. Since, I am focused on genealogy in XIX century, so it is also important to mention that the first two areas were in Russian Partition (Kingdom of Poland) and third one were incorporated to Austrian Empire (Galicja). Among Polish ancestors, I particularly collected a lot of information on Wyrzyk and Polkowski families. I hoped that, this summer baptisms, marriage and deaths records from Świedziebnia and Rypin should be available online, left side of my genealogy tree (Markowski family) should be much more solid. Unfortunately, user interface of the project which covers kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship is unacceptable.
I still need to work on Niemczewski, but my the biggest challenge among my Polish ancestors is Zaruski family – all records from Różan have been burned and I have not been able move forward my research since beginning of my interest in genealogy.
Also history of my family from Galicja requires a lot of work – I know most of members of this part of my genealogy tree, but I am still lacking of knowledge my who were my Polish and non-Polish ancestors from this area in terms of occupation, where they exactly lived, etc. Additionally, I quite proficient in conducting genealogical research in Russian partition, but my expertise in area of Galicja still require some improvement.

My non-Polish ancestors

A book on my non-Polish ancestors
Książka Through the opening door
My ancestors from Galicja are not only Polish origin. In addition to the Poles my roots are from Austria (names Hoffmann and Brüch) and Hungary (very popular name Mahr) and settlers named Olländer (I suspect the Dutch, German or Swedish origin).
But I also have some non-Polish ancestors in Russian partition: Geber family come from Alsace (French and German origin), Delamare from Italy (Neapolitan nobleman), Duma de Vajda Hunyad (Hungarian born in Romania) and probably Russians (family Suryn-Massalski or Massalski-Suryn).

It is hard for me to have nationalist views.

How my genealogy blog can help you find on yours Polish ancestors

All my Polish and non-Polish ancestors – family tree

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