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Ryszard Zaruski with his wife Eugenia Duma de Vajda Hunyad with daughters

Kim Oni byli? – My genealogy blog

The name of this blog in Polish is Kim Oni byli? which in English means Who were they? So, in my genealogy blog, I am trying to answer the question: who my ancestors were?
So far, almost all pages are in Polish, but I am sure that google translate would be good enough to understand the basics and you can always contact me through e-mail or Facebook.
You can reach my complete ancestor table – family tree chart – from any page trough the Kim byli moi przodkowie menu and next Wywód przodków “drzewo genealogiczne”. This page also serves as the table of contents of this blog.

How to conduct genealogy research in Poland

Although my family history is not interesting to all genealogists, the methods of genealogy research in Poland are more attractive to a larger number of family historians. Therefore, on my genealogy blog you can also find topics on Geneteka – the biggest free genealogy portal in Poland (history, how to search, tips), on what you can find in small archives like Warsaw University or Warsaw School of Economics and big ones like the Central Military Archives (first visit, second, what you can find in documents). Since one of my ancestors was a lieutenant in the Army of the Duchy of Warsaw, I wrote several post about how to search ancestors among the officers in the Polish army of the Napoleonic Wars. Also old gazettes several times were very useful in my research, so I wrote posts how to conduct research in Polish digital libraries and how to buy old books in Poland.

From the main menu of my genealogy blog, you also have access to the list of posts on publications (books, magazines) which can be useful for genealogy research in Poland Książki. For example, I am writing about books with list of pupils of high schools (liceum, gimnazjum), family histories and memories of cities in Poland.

I also started series of post about my genealogy trips in Poland. In these posts I am focusing not only my genealogy, but also I am writing about places worth visiting, like were to stay or dine.

You can find a lot of sites with various guides on genealogy research in Poland, but they are mainly focusing on “how to find ancestors in Poland”, so I believe that some of my experiences on “searching who my ancestors were” posted on my genealogy blog are worth reading.

Posts in English language
The brief history of Geneteka – vital records database
Searching ancestors at cemeteries in Poland

With special thanks to Ola Heska for support in translation.
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